One thought on “Tadabbur Surah 057 ayat 20-24

  • Jazakallahu khairan kathira for sharing your tadabbur in this string of ayats from Surah Al-Hadid.

    There are many lessons in there for me personally. The most interesting for me is the race towards Allah’s forgiveness. Being in the corporate world for so long, I am in the midst of a race all the time but all for this world. A race that must be win at all cost. Often time there are many casualties along the way which are quickly justified in the name of progress and growth. To this point I have come to grow tired of this “bloody” race, and to certain extent to the word race itself.

    Reviewing ayat 57:20 gives another perspective to racing – a race that will grow the participants, bring them to husnul khatimah. There is no casualty, except for those who do not participate in the first place. I would even argue that there is no loser in this race. It is a race that I would gladly join.


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